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Warehouse akang, minung 69 an thi


Warehouse akang, minung 69 an thi

Bangladesh ram khualipi asi mi Dhaka ah Chemical le Plastic sernak Warehouse akangi minung 69 an thih pin ah midang 50 leng mei nih ahliam hna, hliam hma apu mi hi mei nih fak tuk in akangh hna ruangah adam kho lo dingmi an um pah.

Kangmei hi cawn nithum ni zing suimilam 10:30am hrawngah achuak i Warehouse building dawt 4 asi mi cu akang dih, kangmei achuah ka ah hin meiphalhbu minung 50 nih an zuan hnawh na in plastic le chemical chiah nak asi tik ah mei alinsa tuk i an phalh kho lo tiah Meiphalbu lutlai nih achim.

Kangmei achuah nak ruanghi fiangfai in theih asi rih lo, minung 69 an thi i Warehouse kangh nak in athi mi hi an karh zumh asi.

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