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US Ram Ah CEO Thlahlawh Sang Bik Hi Malaysia Pa Asi



US Ram Ah CEO Thlahlawh Sang Bik Hi Malaysia Pa Asi

Vawleicung Minthang media pakhat asimi the wall stress Journal nih US ram chung Company  nganpipi ahruaitu CEO pawl thlahlawh a hung langhter. Apple’s Company ngeitu Tim Cook cun Google CEO Sundar Pichia le Facebook CEO Marck Zuckerberg hna Top bak langhter an si.

Asianin khuaruahhar pakhat asimi cu CEO thlahlawh sang mi bik a pakhat nak ah Malaysia a rak si ai, Aho hmanh nih a ruah lo mi tu pa a rak si. Cu pa cu a min ah Tan Hock Eng asi i kum 65 minung asi,  Broadcom company ah lutlai asi i vawleicung ramkip ah  computer chips supplier a tuah tu asi.

Tan hi US ram sianginn a thacem mi pakhat MIT in le Harvard in sianginn alim mi asi, a thlahlawh a tha pah ve ko timi pawlnak in a let 2,039 tluk a thlahlawh hi asang deuh tiah theih asi , Nikum a hmuh mi phaisa hi 103 million bak asi. US ramchugn CEO thlahlawh sang bik mi cazin ah chiah asi.


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