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US nih North Korea Sanction thar achap


US nih North Korea Sanction thar achap

North Korea nih Nuclear hriam nam Programme akalpi mi ruangi US nih North Korea phihkhamnak Sanction achuah mi nih North Korea tha damter deuh nak ding ah tiah North Korea bawmchan tu ah puh mi China Shiping Company pahnih cu Nizan cawn ni 5 ni ah khan US nih phihkham nak Sanction order achuah than.

North Korea tanker hna sin ah refined petroleum le north Korea Lung meihol phurh chuak nak dingi hman mi ah puh mi tilawng 67 cazin zong US Treasury Department nih cazin an tar.

China Tilawng Company US nih aphihkham mi hna hi Dalian Haibo International Freight Co Ltd le Liaoning Danxing International Forwarding Co Ltd hna an si i hi Company pahnih nih hin US nih Sanction achuah mi phung buar in North Korea a bawmh chanh tiah puh asi ruangah US nih hi company pahnih sanction thar achuah hi asi.

US nih North Korea phihkham nak Sanction thar achuah mi hi President Trump le Kim Jong Un February thla Meeting hnu i Sanction hmaisa bik asi.

February Ni 27 le 28 ah khan President Trump le Kim Jong Un meeting ngeih nak ah Kim Jong Un nih President Trump sinah US nih North Korea aphihkham nak cu dorh deuh dingin arak nawl nain President Trump nih arak duh lo.

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