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UNHCR nih Thawng Thanhthannak



UNHCR nih Thawng Thanhthannak

UNHCR nih Thawng Thanhthannak
Atang lei bantuk in UNHCR nih 06/05/2019 ah community cio ah thawng an kan thanhthan.

06 MAY 2019
Community Thawngthnah
———————————– —————
Aluan cia mi thla zeimaw zat chung ah UNHCR nih Ralzaam le Asylum Seeker sin in kong lam halnak aa khat mi cakuat tor le cheng/tam tak tak pi kan hmuh, abia pi in aruang cu pumpaak in rak kuat mi email, fax le aa khat mi cakuat pawl ruang ah asi.

Afiang mi cu nan kan hal mi kong kau cakuat pawl cu UNHCR nih aherh asi ah cun tuah piak ding caan laak in rel piak asi, zaang fahnak tein aakhat mi kong kau halnak kha inawlh in voi hnih hnih in ca rak tial hlah aruang cu kha nih khan tuan vo kan inlaak piak ding mi hna caan tu anuar/fuam ter .

UNHCR ah can a kuat cang ko ah cun zaang fahnak tein kuat than nolh ding ah ngang /hngaak ta rih ko cun na theih ding mi cu UNHCR nih tuah ding mi cu thate in le aatlak ning tein an ruah dih hnu ah pehtlainak an in tuah lai. UNHCR nih cakuat an hmuh mi paoh paoh an let hna lai lo.


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