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Tlanglawng apuak Minung 20 an thi


Tlanglawng apuak Minung 20 an thi

CAIRO : Egypt ram khualipi CAIRO ah tuni cawn nithum ni Feb 27 ah Tlanglawng Station ah Tlanglawng accident acangi minung 20 leng an thih pin ah midang 40 fak ngai in an ihliam, athi zat hi an karh zumh asi tiah Local TV nih athanh.

Mit ahmutu chim ningah Station Platform ah Tlanglawng ahngak mi an tam, Tlanglawng cu Speed rang tatak in avun i țihnung lei in a speed aran ruangah ka au i kan zam hna, Station dongh nak zawn aphak i alu apuak colh i Station ah kangmei achuak cawlh tiah achim.

Mei phalhbu le Ambulance auh cawlh asi i bawmh chanh rian aran nak in ttuan cawlh asi.

Local TV thanh ningah Egypt ram ah hin tlanglawng lam athat lo ruangah vawi tampi Tlang lawng accident acang cang, Cozah official lei nih alamh an remh lo tik ah lam lei tlamtlin lo ruang ah accident hi acang tawn, Kum 2017 ah khan Tlanglawng vawi 1793 bak a accident tiah athanh.

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