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Singapore ttaih in kangah minung 4 sizung phan


Singapore ttaih in kangah minung 4 sizung phan

Kan laimi le Mizo mi tampi sinum rian ttuan nak Singapore, Block 492E Tampines Street 45 ah Tuzing Cawn nikhatni April 15 zinglei Suimilam 9:15am hrawngah khan Corridor Ttaih in akang i minung 4 Sizung an phan tiah Channel News Asia nih thanh ca achuah.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) nihnan chim ningah Kangmei achuah hramthawk nak hi Corridor ttaih in dawt 11 nak in asi, hi kangmei achuah nak in meter 400 ahlat nak ah Mei phalh bu an um i SCDF mobile app hmang in signal alert pek cawlh kan si tiah an chim.

SCDF nihnan chim ningah atanglei in an phalh pin ah Helicopter in zuan hnawh cawlh asi i Dawt 9 nak in dawt 12 nak tiang chungkhar 20 cu SCDF nih an chanh khawh hna.

Singapore ah hi bantuk kangmei chuahnak a um ah cun SCDF Hotline 1800 280 0000, asi lo ah SCDF mobile app MyResponder timi download ulaw signal alert pek cawlh khawh asi tiah SCDF nih thawng an thanh,

Riangrang in SCDF an cawlcangh cawlh ruangah Corridor ttaih in kang ruangah athi mi an um theih asilo.

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