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Selena Gomez le Hailey an i tong


Selena Gomez le Hailey an i tong

Kum 26 mi Selena Gomez le a darling thing asi mi Justin Bieber nupi kum 22 mi Hailey hna cu ruahlo pi in West Hollywood i Pilate cawn nak ah an i tong.

Pilate Class timi hi Lam le excercise lak nak phun khat asi i Siangin cacawn bantuk in cawn mi asi.

West Hollywood Pilate ah hin Justine Bieber Nupi Haily nih Hot Pilate akai i hi lio ah Selena Comez nih Haily kai nak ah kai ve dingin min apek.

Hi Hot Pilate kainak Studio ngeitu nih Selena Gomez le Hailey hmun khat i Pilate kai cu asi khawh lai aruat lo caah Hollywood Life sin ah theihter nak atuah i Hollywood Life nih Selena Gomez hi amah tuah mi le amah hmai ka lawng a zoh mi, thil dang ruat lo mi asi ruangah a poi lem lai lo tiah Studio ngeitu sin ah an chimh.

Selena Gomez nih hin Pilate Degree 95 nak ngah ding in ahlei in special cawn nak angei i special class angeih nak ah Suimilam pakhat ah $300 apek hna.

Justin Bieber le Selena Gomez hi kum 8 chung ai duhdaw mi an si i Kum 2018 March thla ah an rak piat, ahnu ah Justin nih Model Hailey an rak i uar i Selena Gomez thinlung ngeitu cu Hailey sin ah aliam.

Hi kongah Media phun phun nih an thlah i Hailey hrangah Justin Nupi si nuam lo ding dir hmun tiang in an thawng avun thang, asi nain Justin Bieber nih mipi sin ah achim i Selena Gomez hi ka thinglung chung in ka philh kho ti lailo, asi nain atu ka cung ah atlung mi thit umh nak hi ka sin i atlung mi vialte lak ah asunglawi cem tiah achim i hi achim lio ah Selena Gomez atap.

Justin Bieber nih Selena Gomez aphilh khawh lo bantuk bak in Selena zong nih Justin aphilh kho velo, Hailey zongnih Justin athlah kho velo.

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