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Russia nih Venezuela kongah US bia iruah dingin asawm


Russia nih Venezuela kongah US bia iruah dingin asawm

MOSCOW (Reuter) – Russia Foreign minister nih US cu Venezuela kongah ton biaruah nak ngei dingin a sawm, Russia cu timhcia kan si cang tiah Phone call in achimh.

Venezuela kongah hin Russia le US hi an duhning ai kalh, Russia nih President Maduro an dirpi in asi nain US nih President Maduro thlak i Juan Guaido cu Venezuela President siter aduh ruangah Maduro thithruaimi Venezuela cozah cu phun dangdang in ahro pin ah phihkham nak ‘Sanction’ zei mawzat a ingter.

Venezuela cozah ithit hruaining he pehtlaiin, Russia nih US arak hro cangi “US ralkap thawnnak hmangi Venezuela cozah sersiam na timh ah cun nai chinr nak ding ralpi atho lai” tiah arak hro cang.

Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov nih U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cu Vanezuela cozah sersiam nak ah buainak a um nak hnga lo hnatlak nak ngei dingin Meeting ngeih asawm i Russia sawmnak cu US nih a cohlan.

Naithla ah khan U.S nih Venezuela phihkham nak thar phunruk achuah than i Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro zongnih Donald Trump cu amah that dingin agent fial ah arak puh i Russia nih Venezuela bawmh nak apek peng pin ah President Trump Warning arak pek.

Venezuela Cozah buainak kongah kap hnih in Russia le U.S karlak ah i hro cer nak a um ruangah Russia Foreign minister nih U.S cu rem nak a um khawh nak hnga bia iruah dingin a sawm.

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