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Phungninglo in Malay ah minung luhpi tu an tlaih


Phungninglo in Malay ah minung luhpi tu an tlaih

SINGAPORE : Singapore in Malaysia Johor Bahru i khualtlungkal phur tawntu mirum Motor le amawnghtu mi pathum hna cu Tuchun Feb 13 cawn nithum niah Palik nih an tlaih hna i phaisa Singapore Dollars $1,400 cio an liamter pinah an motor zong an tlaih chih.

Motor dang mawnghtu pakhat zawng an tlaih chih i hipa tu nih cun Palik zungsang ah a Motor hrenpiak lo dingin official te in nawlnak atuah ruangah caihpiak that dingin pending file ah chiah piak asi.

Hi Driver pa 4 nih hin motor hmangi phaisa kawl nak Public transport License zawng ngeilo in thlithup in ma deng deuh in Malaysia ah khualtlawng an rak luhpi tawn ruangah thla 6 thawng thlak le Phaisa dollars $3,000 cio an liam khawh.

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