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Pakistan nih India UN ah report atuah


Pakistan nih India UN ah report atuah

Pakistan Foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi nih United Nations sin ah India nih Pakistan phomh atimh tiah bia zual akawh.

Pakistan Foreign minister nih achim ning ah Pakistan ralhrang nih India ram Jamu and Kashmir i Police outpost an luh hnawh i India security Guard minung 40 an thih ruangah India thin adai kho lo i April ni 16 in ni 20 karlak ah India nih Pakistan ram pum in phonh atimh tiah UN ah India report nak atuah.

February thla ah khan Pakistan ralhrang JeM nih India ram Jamu and Kashmir ah Police outpost an rak luh hnawh i an irin hlan ah Bomb in an den i India security guard minung 40 bak an rak thi.

India nih teirul acham colh i Raltuk nak vanzuanglawng Bomber zei maw zat Pakistan ramchung ah athlah i JeM camp phomh i JeM ralhrang camp cu vutcam ah arak can ter.

Ahnu ah India nih JeM ralhrang nih teirul an cham sual lai tiah Jet Fighter pahnih athlah than i Pakistan le India ramri nak Pakistan ramchung ah an zuang i Pakistan nih arak kah tlak, Pilote pakhat Paracut hmangin azuang manh i cu pilot cu Pakistan nih an rak tlaih nain India thin han aphan ruangah an thlah than.

Pakistan nih India jet Fighter akah tlak ruangah Pakistan nih India ngaithiam ahal i remnak ngei dingin India cu Meeting ngei dingin asawm nain India nih Pakistan he irem nak ngei dingi meeting ngeih arak duh lo.

Pakistan Foreign Minister nih UN sin i report atuah ning ah India hi Pakistan ralhrang nih india security Guard minung 40 an thah ruangah alung adai kho lo i Pakistan ram den atimh tiah UN sin ah India nih Pakistan phomh lo dingi thlauh ding in bawmh ahal.

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