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North Korea misile test turin in buatsaih


North Korea misile test turin in buatsaih

Hanoi ah President Trump-an Kim Jong Un atih lungawi loh avangin Dongchang Misile Site tih tih changtlun mek ani a South Korea News Agency in US expert hnena asawi dan in April thla tir lama Misile test turin North Korea a in buatsaih mek niin asawi.

Singapore a Trump-Kim summit voi 1 na a inremna an lo siam tawh angin North Korea Misile hmunpui, Dongchang Misile site cu tiamchin awm lova khar asi a Trump-Kim summit voi 2 na Hanoi a neih zawhtak ah Kim Jong Un thil phut, hrêkna tinêp deuh tura President Trump angenna chu President Trump-a’n ahnawksak avangin North Korea aletleh hnu ah Dongchang misile site hi athuam thar leh ta ani.

South Korea News Agency sawidan in North Korea Supreme People’s Assembly voi 14 na April thlatir lama hman tur ah hian North Korea in Misile kahchhuah atum niin asawia Dongchang misile launch pawh thawmthat mek niin asawi.

US expert techuan North Korea an thlithlai rengah Misile a kapchuak leh anih vaih chuan hrêkna na men lova hrêk anih tur thu an sawi ve bawk.

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