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NASA nih India satellite kahtlak mi asawisel


NASA nih India satellite kahtlak mi asawisel

Naite i India nih Vansang Satellite akah tlak mi ah US Independent Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) athin ahang.

NASA nih thawng an thanh ningah India nih Anti-Satellite hmangin Vansang i Satellite thlah cangmi akah ruangah Satellite kekkuai mi hnawmtam tlang 400 hrawng vansang ah a um i Space Programme athur hnomh ter viar tiah an chim.

NASA Administrator asimi Jim Bridenstine nih achim ningah India nih Satellite akah mi kekkuai nih International Space Station (ISS) harnak tampi apek, Satellite akahkuai mi tlang 60 hrawng cu an um nak theih asi i hi lak ah tlang 24 cu ISS cung lei an panh adang kekkuai mi hi khawzei lei an panh kan ifiangrih lo i kan kawl cuahmah lio asi tiah achim.

Vawleicungah Satellite kahnak angei mi hi Ram 4 lawng ansi, cu hna cu USA, Russia, China le India an si.

Kan hnungzarh ah khan India nih Anti-Satellite asermi hneksak nak ah Vansangi satellite athlah cia mi akah, India Prime Minister Naredra Modi nih TV ah bia achim colh i India ram ngiat thlai nak Satellite paoh paoh cu India nih choi viar akah piak lai tiah arak chim colh.

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