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Myanmar Pa Malaysia Ah Thah A Tong



Myanmar Pa Malaysia Ah Thah A Tong

Myanmar Pa Malaysia A phak Hnu Zarhkhat Ah Thah A Tong

A Tuzing ah Myanmar pa cu a hrom ah namte in ahnak hliamhma he a ruak in Batu Caves Aparment ah an hmuh. Palek bawizik Ali Ahmad nih a chimnak ah a thimi pa hi kum 36 minung asi. A ruak cu tuzing suimilam 7 :30 am ahkhan an umnak apartment  innpi ah a unu nih  a hmuh tiah a chim.

Mithi pa hi a hngawng an aahnak hliamhma in thi tamtuk a chuak tiah theih asi, Myanmar pa hi Malaysia a phaknak a sau lo May 18 ahkhan a si.  Avoikhatnak Malaysia a phak asi. Palek bawi Ali nih alamkip in hlathlainak pehzulh in kan tuah cuahmah lio asi, thah a tuar mi pa hi ral a ngei maw ngei lo ti zong hlathlainak kan tuah tiah a chim. ( Mi zei miphun dah asi timi cu an langhter lo)


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