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Mizo pawl nih an duh tukmi Lai hla


Mizo pawl nih an duh tukmi Lai hla

Mizo pawl nih hin Laihla an ngai tuk bal lo, Laimi tunih an mah mizo tluk bak in Mizo hla kan ngai deuh, asinain hi Lai hla te cu Mizo pawl nih an uar tuk hringhran, Youtube ah Laihla View tam cem pawl asi lai.

Hi Lai (Falam) hla hi Youtube ah minung Tingthum leng bak in an zoh, Comment 120 deng a um i comment ape tu hmanh Mizo lawngte an si, cheukhat comment ah cun asullam an theithiam lo nain ahla ai dawh,asatu an thiam ti hna asi i an mah Mizo holh lila hna in an leh.

Youtube Channel phun phun ah an thlah i channel kip ah comment apetu hi Mizo deuh lawngte an si

Hi hla atlangpi cu KA THEI VE LO ti asi i asatu hi Lowdy le Shwe Oo timi an si, Voi khat na ngaih nak in na di ariam kho hrim2 lailo, Voi 10 pauh cu na play than men lei rak ngai ve hmanh, an thiam lawlaw khi asi… video

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