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Minute 5 chhunga mawngbawr tih len dan


Minute 5 chhunga mawngbawr tih len dan

Hmeichhe mawina ber leh duh awmna ber pakhat chu mawngbawr ani kan tilo thei lovang, hmeichhia chu hmetha hle mahse an mawngbawr azawr viau chuan duh antui lo thei hle ani.

Hmeichhia ah mipa mitfukna ber chu an hmel nilovin an mawngbawr zawk ani, hmel hian nomna athlen lova mawngbawr tha erawh in ava thlen si em! Minutes 5 chung lek in imawngbawr alian nghal thur thur ang kan tilova mahse he tiang hian nikhat minutes chung itih thin chuan reilo teah Miss mawngbawr nalh ini hngal maidawn ani, video hi en rawh le.

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