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Minung 100000 Zawtnak An I Chawnh Cang


Minung 100000 Zawtnak An I Chawnh Cang

Tuluk ram i Corona Virus cu akharh ning cu a thawng chin lengmang i hmundang dang zong ah a karh cang tiah ngandamnak lei Minister Ma Xiaowei nih a chim.

Vawleicung ramkip cul in minung 2,800 ni hi zawtnak hi an i chawnh cang i tuluk ram chung lawng ah minung 81 an thi cang  tiah tuluk cozah nih official ning in thawngthanhnak an tuah. Asinain UK thiamsang pawl nih mah lawng asi lo, minung 100000 nih hi zawtnak hi an ngeih cang i aa check rih lo mi le theih lo mi tampi an tang rih tiah an phuan ve.

Hi zawtnak hram a thoknak wahan khua lawnglawng ahhin Feb 4 tiang ahhin minung 350,000 nih zawtnak an i chawnh kho te lai tiah ruahdamh asi. WHO nih vawleicung dihlak ralrin ding mi zawtnak asi tiah ralrinnak le thawngthanhnak an tuah colh ve, tu tiang ahcun damnak si zong an hmuh kho rih lo.

Daily Mail

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