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Malaysia Kotaraya Ah Tleihkhihnak An Tuah

tlaihkhihnak an tuah


Malaysia Kotaraya Ah Tleihkhihnak An Tuah

Atuni July 1,2018 suimilam 3 hrawng ahkhan Malaysia, Kotaraya ah tlaihkhihnak an tuah tiah thawngpang theih asi an tlaih mi hna ah laimi pahnih an i tel ve.

An tlaihmi laimi pahnih hi nu an si i kum tlinglo an si, pakhat hi kum 13 asi a dang pakhat hi 14 hrawng asi, hringtu nu pakhat cu UN card a ngei ko nain an rak tlaih chih  ve . An fanu le hi UN card le catlap an ngeih lo caah an tlaih mi hna  an si. Vanthat ah suimilam pakhat leng hrawng an hren hna hnu ah an rak thlah than hna tiah theih asi.

A tlaitu pawl hi palek an si i uniform an i hruk lo tiah theih asi, Kotaraya pawng ahcun lorry mawtaw zong hmuh chih asi, tu lio Malaysia kan boruak a that lo caah innchung te ah um khawh i zuam hna usih.

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