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India Air Force hna nih Pakistan JeM camp an phomh ning


India Air Force hna nih Pakistan JeM camp an phomh ning

India ralkap Intelligent hna nih IAF Pakistan JeM Camp phomh nak ning Mission an suaining le an cawlcangh ning hitin fianter nak an ngei.

Indian Air Force (IAF) hna nih Fenbruary 26 i Pakistan ram, Balakot kulh chungi JeM pakistan ralhrang Camp Phomh nak ah khan Laser-guided timi Bomb Kg 1,000 an thlak i cucu India Phaisa Rs 17 million man hu asi.

IAF hna nih hin Mirage-2000 Fighter 12 an hman i Pakistan ramchung i IAF ikenmi dihlak, Jet Fighter man he, Rs 256.8billion man hu asi. Pakistan ramchungi Indian Airforce an cawltal lio ah hin Pakistan raltuknak an cawlcang maw cawlcang lo ti theih khawh nak le rak veng tuding Rs. 17.50 million man hu Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) timi Surveillance Aircraft cu Ramri kiang ah hunh peng asi i cu cu Delhi in control asi.

Hi pin ah hi Mission vengtu dingah LLyushin Mid-air refilling Tanker, Rs 2.2billion man le IAF Heron surveillance drone, Rs 8billion man ramri ah an chiah hoi, hi pin ah Russia ser mi Raltuknak vanzuanglawng Sukhoi Su-30MKL pathum (Pakhat Rs 35.8 billion man) le MiG29 fighter panga (pakhat Rs 15.4billion man) hna cu aherh caan i zuang cawlh dingin Ramri ah chiah asi.

Mirage-2000 fighter 12 (Pakhat ah Rs 21.4 billion man) hna nih hi Gwalior Airbase in an chuak i GBU-12 conventional Laser guid bomb kg 225 ciau an iphurh i minute 21 chung an JeM Camp an phomh pathum anphomh.

JeM camp pathum phomh nak ah ralhrang minung 200 in 300 karlak anthi i athi mi lak ah suicide Bomber minung 42 an itel, Intelligence lei chim ningah hi Suicide Bomber 42 hna hi India ram ah thlah i India ram ah thihhnawh bomb tipuak dingi fialmi an si tiah an chim.

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