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Hmangaihna aia hauhsakna thlang Gold Digger


Hmangaihna aia hauhsakna thlang Gold Digger

Tunlai khawvel hi alo van țawp tawh em, Hmangaih na in hmun achang thei taktak tawh lo tih achiang reng, Mipa chuan kan hmeichhe duh zawng kan thlanga Hmeichhia vethung erawh chuan hauhsak na.

Aw Nula heihi hriala ka duh ani, hausakna in nikhat hlimna apek theih che chuan Hmangaihna chuan kum 10 hlim na apethei che asin tih hi hria la hauhsakna hi hlimna anilo tih hi chiang teh.

He Video tawite hi enla Hmeichhe rilru lo ten awm zia in hrethei ang.

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