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FRO Thawngthanh: Ralrin Peknak



FRO Thawngthanh: Ralrin Peknak

Malysia cozah thar a kai hnu cun work permit ngei le lo in ramchung ah phungning lo in khuasa mi cu tlaih dih an si cang lai, June thla 2018 in biatak te in tlaihkhihnak hram an thok cuahmah cang.

UNHCR card a ngeimi cu an luat than ko lai nain a ngei lo mi cu luatnak lam a um ti lo. Cu ruangah nan riantuannak cio ah ralring te in umkal ding thawng kan i thanh hna. Malaysia Chin mi a poi ngaingai ko.

Siaherhnak he


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