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Frence Muslim pawl nih Facebook le Youtube taza cuai


Frence Muslim pawl nih Facebook le Youtube taza cuai

March Ni 15 i New Zealand ram Chriatchurch i Muslim biakin pa 2 thlacam lio meithal kahnak i minung 50 thih nak Live video facebook le Youtube ah thlah i ahnu ah Video akarh chin lengmang ruangah Frence rami Muslim bu pawl nih Facebook le Youtube cu taza an cuai.

Frence Council of The Muslim Faith (CFCM) nih nawlbia an chuah i, misual cawlcangh nak le meithal kahnak hi minung zei irello nak asi pin ah hngakchia hmuh dingah adawh lo tuk mi asi ruangah mah bantuk i mipi hmuh dingi Live thlah lio video zoh khawh nak site pahnih Facebook le Youtube hi taza kan cuai tiah nawlbia achuah i Frence ram ah cun kum 3 thawngtlak le Dollars 75,000 dantat khawh an si tiah an langhter.

Chrischurch khua i Muslim biakin pahnih zanlei thlacam lio kahnak ah hin minung 50 an thi i meithal tlaitupa nih minung akah lio cu Facebook ah LIVE in athlah, Video hi minute 17 tluk sau asi i Facebook company nih an delete hlan ah midang dang nih Site dang ah an rak i share manh.

Frence Muslim bu nih Facebook le Youtube cu an site zohkhenh thalo ah an puh i mah bantuk video zohdawhlo an Live mi zoh khawh nak Facebook le Youtube cu taza kan cuai tiah an thanh

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