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Facebook company nih Live ithlah arengh canglai


Facebook company nih Live ithlah arengh canglai

Facebook company nih nizan cawn ninga ni i mipi sin thawng an thanh ningah New Zealand meithal kah nak facebook i live thlah ruangah facebook ah Live ithlah ningphung kan rengh canglai tiah thawngthanh nak an ngei.

New Zealand Muslime biakin meithal kah i minung 50 thih nak Live video thlah ruangah Facebook le Youtube company cu taza cuai an rak si.

Facebook Chief Operating officer asimi Sheryl Sandberg nih achim ningah Facebook i Live ithlah hi step pathum in arengh ning kan kalpi lai kan mah facebook Online Platform nih aduh lo mi cawlcangh nak kan kham lai tiah achim.

Sheryl nih achimchap ningah facebook ah Live thlah mi zoh dawh lo 900 hrawng thlah asi cang, cu video pawl cu facebook harnak pek awk le ah midang nih an rak share i zoh dawh lo chin in edit an rak tuah than tiah achim.

Social Media cu fimthiam nak caah hman mi asi i New Zealand meithal kah nak pehtlai in Australia ah le New Zealand ah hnahnawh nak ape tu Group an um i mah group pawl cu Facebook nih kan block hna, hi group hna hi vun ngo tanhtu pawl an si tiah facebook nih an thanh chap.

Facebook nih Nizan cawn ni 5 ni i an thanh than ningah Facebook ah video vialte kan block dihlai tinak asilo i Video huat tlai le midang hnahnawh nak ape kho tu Live video thlah mi le edit tuah mi video huat tlai paoh paoh cu kan block thluah mah canglai tiah thawngthanh nak an tuah.

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