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Entertainment Center akang minung 6 an thi


Entertainment Center akang minung 6 an thi

IPOH : Malaysia, Ipoh khawpi i Entertainment Center dawt 4 nak ah kangmei achuak i minung 6 an thi midang pa 4 hliam hma an pu tiah Channel New Asia nih thanh caa achuah.

Kangmei achuah hi tuzing Feb 20 zinglei suimilam 5:45am hrawngah khan asi i athi mi lak ah Bangledesh pa pakhat le Vietnam nu pa 2 an itel, midang pa 3 hi zei minung an si theih asi rih lo.

Mei nih ahliam mi midang pali hna hi tha thi in thaw an ichuah kho lo, an nun nak ader thawng tiah Sizung Doctor pa nih achim. Mei nih akangh mi hna hi Karoake sak nak khan le Wash room ah an si.

Kangmei achuah nak ruang theih asi rih lo i dawthlat nak an ngeih cuahmah lio asi.

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