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Delhi in azuangmi Boeing 787 accident atong


Delhi in azuangmi Boeing 787 accident atong

Delhi in khualtlawng minung 201 he azuangmi Boeing 787 cu tuzing (Feb 1) suimilam 7am ah khan Japan aphanh hnu ah Narita Airport i vanglawng țumnak Runway ah ailet tiah Channel News Asia nih thanh caa achuah.

Japan Airline ah hin khualtlawng Passenger minung 201 an țhu i Narita Airport an țum hnu ah Runway sir Vur tla mi lak ah asir lei in ai let i achungi athu mi minung fak tuk in aihliam mi an um theih asilo.

Runway i țumka i atli cuahmah mi Runway sir i atluk khawh ning hi dawthlat nak ngeih cawlh asi i Vanzuanglawng zong airawk tuk lo tiah theih asi.

Channel News Asia

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