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CYONA Chin Person of the Year 2019



CYONA Chin Person of the Year 2019

Chin Person of the Year 2019 cu CYONA nih tukum zong thim than ding in timhtuahnak kan ngei. A tanglei tahfung zoh in thim a si lai.

1. Miphun le ram a dawmi, Chin miphun a si lai.
2. Miphun caah pumpek in rian a tuanmi a si lai.
3. Kan miphun hmai a hngal tertu a si lai.
4. A riantuannak hlawh a tlingmi le zohchunhtlakmi a si lai.
5. Kan miphun nih a riantuannak aa hlawkpimi a si lai.
6. 2018 in atu tiang a riantuannak zoh a si lai.

Thim caan cu June 10-23, 2019 tiang a si lai. Zapi nih thimmi zoh in committee chungtel nih a tanglei minung panga hi thimtlak an si ko tiah kan rak taar hna. Hi panga chung ah zapi nih online in a tam bik thimmi cu CYONA Chin Person of the Year 2019 pek a si lai. Hi min thatnak a cotu cu CYONA Convention tuahnak July 4-6, 2019 ah Indianapolis, Indiana ah laksawng peknak le roca pek chih a si lai.


CYONA is proud to announce that voting for Chin Person of the Year 2019 is now opened. The following criteria will be used in selecting person of the year. Nominees

1. Must be a Chin national who works for the betterment of Chinland and its people
2. Should present the best qualities of being a Chin to the world
3. Should be successful in her chosen profession
4. Profiles will be examined for work done from 2018 to the present

Voting will be opened from June 10-23, 2019. The nomination committee has selected five finalists based on public submissions and inputs from committee members for another round of voting. The nominee who receives the most vote from our online survey will be selected as CYONA Chin Person of the Year 2019. CYONA will honor the winner with a prize and certificate at it’s Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana in the first week of July 2019. Please, submit your choice below.

Thank you.

Nomination Committee Members
Tial Khar Lian (Board President, CYONA)
Tlimtue Thang (Chin Community, Indiana)
Samuel Cung (President, CYO Indiana)
Siang Lian Sang (Board Vice President, CYONA)
Sang Hnin Lian (The Chinland Post, Hakha, Burma)
Jenny Biak Hnem Par (Board Member, CYONA)
Sang Hu Lian (Chin Cable Network Channel, Lewisville, Texas)

Atanglei LINK kan rak tar mi ahkhin hmet law na uar bik mi minung kha thim hna, cun na gmail le na min le na umnak kha tial law, submit timi te khi hmeh piak hna.

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