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CRC le UNHCR Zungkhar Thawngthanhnak



CRC le UNHCR Zungkhar Thawngthanhnak

Malaysia um Chin miphun hawikom dawt vialte nan dihlak cung ah Christmas lawmhnak, daihnak, hnangamnak le thluachuahnak um ko seh. Malaysia ram ah lungrethei le thinphang in kan um lio ah Khrih chuah lawmhnak (Christmas) caan zong lunglawm tein kan hman khawh cio nakhngak le kum 2019 zong dam tein kan phak khawh cio nakhnga thlacam cio hna uhsih.

Cun Malaysia ram ah Chin ralzaam hna a kan huhphengtu UNHCR zong thlacam piak peng hna uhsih. December ni 23 -24 -25 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) cu CRC zungkhar asi lai. Ruahlo thil kong ah phone chawnh na kan duh ahcun CRC Hotline (0166978568) ah chawnh khawh peng asi lai. Cun Christmas ni December 25, 2018 (Tuesday) le Kumthar ni January 1, 2019 (Tuesday) cu UNHCR zung zong khar asi lai.

Nan dihlak Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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