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Cigarettes kuak khap mi sertu thawngthak ai huah


Cigarettes kuak khap mi sertu thawngthak ai huah

SINGAPORE : Kum 33 mi Singapore pa Ng Ghim Hong cu cozah nih atheihpi lo mi Cigarettes kuak aser ruang ah Phaisa dollars $34 million liam ding le kum 4 thawng tang dingin Singapore Bar Court nih tuni (Feb 1) ah biakhiah nak angei.

Ng Ghim Hong nih hin Singapore le Malaysia ah thlithup kuak a supply i Malaysia ah agent pa 2 angei.

Ng Ghim Hong nih thlithup kuak (man fawi mi) asernak hmun ah hin Cigarettes Cartons 14,489 tlaih asi i cucu Dollars $1.1million man hu asi kg 1,270
Tluk in arit i Taus timi Warehouse ah tlaih asi.

Singapore le Malaysia ah hin Cozah nih atheihpi mi Cigarettes kuak a um i mah ci kuak sertu nih cun phung te in an zuar khawh, cozah sin ah ngunkhuai ‘tax’ zong tha te in an pek, asi nain cozah nih theihpi lo mi, thlithup in sermi kuak atam.

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