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China nih Boeing 737MAX8 vanzuanglawng hman akhap


China nih Boeing 737MAX8 vanzuanglawng hman akhap

China State agency thawngzamh tu nih thawng azamh ningah Vanzuanglawng, Model Boeing 737MAX8 cu khualtlungkal phurtilo ding in le Service tilo dingin akhap chung, hi khap nak hi zeitik tiang asi lai aifiang rih lo.

China ram ah hin ramchung ramlengah siseh azuangmi vanzuanglawng model Boeing 737MAX8 hi 100 renglo a um, Nizan i Ethiopian Airline Boeing 737MAX8 Flight ET302 accident atawn hnu ah China ram service mi Boeing 737MAX8 vialte cu Tuchun Cawn nikhatni MArch 11 thawk in service tilo dingin a khap hi asi.

Nizan i Ethiopian Airline Beoing 737MAX8 Flight ET302 accident ah khan khualtlungkal minung 157 bak an thi, hi athi mi lak ah China mi minung pa 8 an itel ve, Indonesia January thla ah khan Indonesia ram zongah Boeing 737 accident arak tawng than i khualtlungkal minung 187 bak an rak thi ohoi cang, cu hlan zongah Boeing 737 hi accident aton atam cang ruangah China nih Boeing 737 model vanzuanglawng pauh2 service akhap viar nak hi asi.

China ram vanzuanglawng lei tawlrel tu Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) nih thawng an thanh ningah tuni cawn nikhat ni zanlei suimilam 6pm thawk in Boeing 737 vanzuanglawng model paoh paoh vawlei ah dirter viar ding, vansang hrim hrim ah zuang ti hlah seh tiah khap nak thawng athanh i mipi khual tlungkal an him deuh nak dingah US zong Boeing 737 vanzuanglawng service khap dingin an duh nak an chim.

China nih hin Boeing 737 vanzuanglawng service lio mi 96 a ngeih, cu hna cu Air China, China Eastern Airline, China Southern Airline le Hainan Airline hna an si.

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