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Cawn nihnih ni April 9 ah Israel cozah ithim nak an ngei lai


Cawn nihnih ni April 9 ah Israel cozah ithim nak an ngei lai

Isreal ram hruaitu Prime Minister ithim nak cu thaizing April 9 ah ngeih asi lai i atu Prime Minister atuan lio mi Benjamin Netanyahu nih 2019 April 9 ithim nak ah teinak ahmuh than ah cun West Bank i Juda mi hna um nak cu Palestinian kut in chuh thai aikam.

Prime Minister le right-wing Likud Party hruaitu Netanyahu hna hi West Bank Juda mi hna ram ah fehter aduh tu veve ansi i asi nain International nih acohlan loh.

West Bank hi International nih acohlan lo nain US nih kan hnung thla ah khan Middle East Niruk raltuk lio kum 1967 lio ah teinak ahmuh i Palestinian kut in achuh i le Golen Heigh zong Syria kut in achuh khawh mi asi ruangah Israel ram ah afehter.

West Bank ah hin Juda mi minung 400,000 tha an um i East Jerusalem ah minung 200,000 tha an um ve. West Bank ah hin Palestinian mi minung 2.5 million (2,500,000) an um i Israel nih Palestinian ram achuh mi West Bank le East Jerusalem le Gaza Strip cu Palestinian nih angeih than khawh nak hnga Israel an doh peng ve.

April ni 9 Thaizing Israel ithimnak dingah hin Vote ngeimi minung 5.88 million an um i Parliament ah seat 120 a um, Israel ram cozah siding in Party 14 hna nih Cozah an i cuh lai, Israel cozah siding in Seat 120 lak ah atlawm bik seat 61 ahmu tu lawng nih Cozah an ser khawh lai.

Israel ram ithimnak ah hin Vote thlak ning atha ngai tawn, kum 2015 ithimnak ngeih lio zongah khan Vote 71.8% aphan, atu Prime Minister Netanyahu nih hin Term 4 teinak ahmuh cang.

Israel ram ithim nak ah hin Benjamin Nethanyahu thithruaimi Party Likud party le Army Chief ralkap bawi hlun Benny Gants thithruaimi Centrist Blue Party le White party hna cu Vote an hmuh ning an itluk pah ngai tawn, Democracy Institue nih mipi ruahnak an khawmh mi ah cun Benjamin Nethanyahu duh tu an tam bik.

Benjamin Nethanyahu nih tutan thimnak ah teinak ahmuh than ah cun Israel Prime Minister Term 5 atlaih nak ding asilai.

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