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Apple Company in facebook ban dawn


Apple Company in facebook ban dawn

Apple Inc chuan vawin date 31 January 2019 hian thuchhuah siam in tuna iPhone programme thar duan ah hian Facebook hman atheih dawn loh a heihi kan company sumdawn nak ahim zawk nan a duan ani ati.

Facebook hian tunlai ah sawi ahlawh hle a Apple Company chuan iPhone hmang an customer persional Data an lakhawm thei niin an sawia Company website sumdawn na ahim zawk nan Apple programme thar ah chuan Facebook ‘banned’ anih tur thu an puang.

Tunhnai ah Facebook company hian an app hmangin Facebook User Personal Data lakhawm ah puhna anasa hle a hei vang hian ram tamtak server ah ‘banned’ anih bak ah Politicians tamzawk phei chuan an hmang duh lo hnge hnge ani.

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