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Anungak Nu le Security Pa Cu Thihlak In kah Hna Hnu Ah Athat Ve

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Anungak Nu le Security Pa Cu Thihlak In kah Hna Hnu Ah Athat Ve

A tlangval hlun pa nih a nungak nu le Security pa a thah hna hnu ah amah le mah a that ve. Thailand ram Lampang peng ah kum 39 Damrongchai Monotham, timi pa nih “ Soi Mooban Wiang Bua” an timi i nuamnak ah zurit bu in a va kal i anungak nu tthing cu  ahawile he an um lio ah leng ah arawt i achuahpi.

Anungak nu hi amin ah Boonyaporn Kantalah asi i kum 21 minung asi, a nungak nu leng ah a chuahpi lio ahhin meithel a chuah i a rak i thlak mi poh cu kan thah hna lai tiah pawngkam minung cu a terhkhawn hna. Security pa he telh chih in pa 5 le nu pakhat nih nungak cu an hun bawmh hnik, biaelnak tlawmpal an ngeih hnu ah meithel kah thawng kan theih tiah mithmutu pakhat nih achim.

Tlangval pa nih cun Security pa Weerapong Morpa kum 28 le nungak nu cu a kah hna hnu ah mah le mah thilak in akap ve tiah theih asi, tlangval pa hi nungak nu he hin an i phiat hnu ah i remthan ding in tlangval pa nih azuam len nain a tlamtlinlo caah thinhunnak in thahnawnnak tiang a chuah hi asi.

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