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Air France vanzuanglawng vansang ah harnak tong


Air France vanzuanglawng vansang ah harnak tong

Khualtlungkal phurtu Air France vangzuanglawng, Air Bus A380 cu Abidjan Airport in Paris khawpi lei panh i azuan lio ah Vansang ah Engine lei tlamtlin lo nak an ngei.

Air Bus A380 chung ah hin khualtlungkal Passenger minung 501 an thu, Abidjan Airport in achuah hnu vansang Altitude Pe 37,000ft aphanh hnu ah a Engine airawk, Minute pakhat ah Pe 1,000 bak in vawlei lei ah atla i Pe 37,000 asan nak i azuangmi kha ahnu minute 4 chungah Altitude Pe 33,000 niam in atla manh.

Traffic rader nih Emergency Ttumnak ding Airport dang atlaih khawh lo ruangah Passenger minung 501 phurtu Air Bus A380 cu Abidjan Airport lei ah alu ai mer i akir than. vanthat ah aho hmanh ihliam lo te in Abidjan Airport ah an ttum manh.

Airport lei Tawlreltu hna chim ningah AirBus A380 hi Abidjan lei ah vun kir than lo in Paris lei ah zuan chih sehlaw cu vanchiatnak nganpi an tong lai tiah an chim.

Air France Vanzuanglawng AirBus A380 Model hi Kum 2017 zongah khan Paris in Los Angeles lei panh in arak zuan lio ah a Engine pa 4 ning in arak irawk i Los Angeles phan kho ding an rak silo ruangah Canada ram Goose Bay International Airport ah Emergency in an rak ttum.

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