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Africa tilian ruangah minung 115 nun nak aliam


Africa tilian ruangah minung 115 nun nak aliam

Africa nichuah thlang lei, Mazambique, Malawi le South Africa ah ruah asurtuk ruangah tilian atho i minung 115 an thi, minung Tingriat leng nih harnak an tong tiah UN Official nih thanh caa anchuah.

Mozambique ah hin tilian ruangah minung 66 an thi i Malawi ah 45, South Africa ah midang pali an thi.

Mozambique Cabinet thawngpang thanhtu Ana Comoana nih achim ningah ruah ngol lo in a sur peng ruangah mipi sinah theiternak tha te in tuah asi i thlichia Cyclon Idai zong ahran khawh ruangah mipi sin ah ralrin nak pek asi tiah achim.

Mozambique ramkulh hi Africa ramchung pengkulh vialte lak ah ramkulh sifak bik asi i thlichia le ruah tilian athawh ruangah khawsak nak in 5,756 ai rawk cang.

Malawi ramkulh zongah tilian athawh ruangah minung Tinghnih hrawng khawsak nak ngei lo in an in le an lo an chuah tak tiah UN Official nih thanhca achuah.

Malawi Mateorological Department lei nih thawng an zamh ningah an ramkulh thlanglei cu ruah asur peng ruangah zarhpini tiang ti alian peng lai tiah mipi sinah theihternak an tuah.

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